At the Grandparents of Media Literacy Gallery, you can deepen your understanding of the intellectual history of
media literacy education. You can contribute an intellectual grandparent and share your own story about how they influenced you.

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Review the book chapters in the About Us section to learn more about the symbolic and metaphorical grandparents, the people whose ideas influenced the theory and practice of media literacy education
Reflect & Share
Reflect on the Grandparents who influenced you by rating and commenting on some Grandparents in the Gallery. Share your story about how a particular grandparent influenced you.
Create a new grandparent by uploading a photo, a short biography, and links to relevant additional content. Then explain how and why your intellectual grandparent influenced you.
Meet the Contributors by visiting the Family Tree to learn more about the current generation of media literacy teachers, scholars and activists
How are people influenced by a network of relationships --extending across time and space -- that shape how we perceive the world and take action in it?

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